Intern Update Week #7

Week seven has come to an end. This week has been a very special week to me. I only did construction work two days this week, but the other guys worked every day. They got the caretakers’ house walls inside and outside completely covered with cement, and poured the... read more

Intern Update Week #6

Hello from Bobo, Burkina Faso!  I can hardly believe that week 6 has come and gone.  And where did September go? Anyway, it has been great here this week.  We got a lot of work done, and continue growing some amazing relationships.  In the past week, we have moved... read more

Intern Update Week #5

It has been another week here in Africa. It is hard to believe that this is the end of week five! This week was full of construction. We have the tool shed up completely to the point where we will pour a header of concrete and then, if I understand it correctly, we... read more

Intern Update Week #4

Another amazing week here in Bobo, Burkina Faso. I had the lovely opportunity of being joined by a team this past week. It was such a great encouragement and blessing to me to have Heather, Josh, Ben, and Chris come. I could definitely tell that God had orchestrated... read more

Intern Update #3

This has been another great week here in Bobo, Burkina Faso. The progress on the Agriculture school has been going well. We finished covering the inside walls of the church. Even though it was my understanding that we were going to be covering the outside of the walls... read more

Intern Update Week #2

This week has been a lot of work.  We have the church’s walls done completely. We are now working on covering them with cement.  The inside is almost done, but we ran out of time on Saturday in order to finish.  I got the lovely opportunity to make bricks this week... read more

Intern update #1

This week has been my first full week in country.  As I think through the past week, one word keeps coming to mind, relationships.  Everything I did this week was with people and it is truly amazing to see how close we are already getting.  God has placed a good... read more

New Logo

Why the logo change? It is actually a very simple question that has a very deep commitment behind it. In 2009, when Grain of Hope started, all we wanted to do was figure out a way to feed some folks in Burkina Faso. It was meant to be just our youth group and we just... read more

Something new for Grain of Hope

It is with great anticipation that I am writing you this e-mail.  As of today, I am officially a full time employee of Grain of Hope. For some time I have been sensing a leading from the Lord to take this step of faith.  If Grain of Hope was going to take the... read more