Hello from Bobo, Burkina Faso!  I can hardly believe that week 6 has come and gone.  And where did September go? Anyway, it has been great here this week.  We got a lot of work done, and continue growing some amazing relationships.  In the past week, we have moved three dump truck loads of dirt into the buildings.  One into the caretaker’s house, and the other two into the tool shed.  Three more loads have been delivered as well.  SiA (the man pictured writing) moved one of those loads into the church by himself in the evenings when he didn’t have to work.  He is just volunteering his time for the church! So I believe that the church, and the caretaker’s house are ready for a floor to be poured on the dirt.  Also this week we got the roof on, and doors and windows in the caretaker’s house.  On the tool shed we finally got the header formed and poured around the top of the building so once the brick makers come back we are ready to go higher on that building.  It is so cool driving up to the property now and seeing these buildings standing there.  We also had two young guys helping us this week, Moosa, and Abobacar (not sure on spelling).  It has been such a blessing to have them around and they are actually pretty good workers.  Even the other guys that I have been working with have now gotten used to them being around and have been allowing the little guys to do more.  The boss says that I should be able to see both buildings completely done by the time I leave.  So we will see how that goes!

On Sunday this week, I went to the village of Dogotalama.  This is the village where Salifou is the pastor.  Salifou has been teaching me how to play the djembe (a drum) in the evenings.  So today I got to go and play at his church and eat lunch with them.  It was such a blessing to be able to meet some of the people there.  On our way back from the village we stopped and climbed around on some big rocks.  It was a great time for me not only just because I got to hang out with Felix (friend/ coworker) and Kam (my translator), but it was great for me to be outdoors and relax while enjoying God’s creation.  It really helped to clear my head and regain some focus! God’s creation is so beautiful and I was in awe of it today!  

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