Week seven has come to an end. This week has been a very special week to me. I only did construction work two days this week, but the other guys worked every day. They got the caretakers’ house walls inside and outside completely covered with cement, and poured the floor.

The reason for not working was because I was spending time with different people before I leave. I had a great time with Andrew and Esther Schaeffer. They opened their home to me for lunch and an afternoon of visiting. It was a great time. They also took me out to a restaurant one night for dinner. It was my first time eating at a restaurant in Bobo. It was a great time of food and fellowship! Also, I had the lovely opportunity to help give out backpacks full of school supplies to pastors’ kids. They were kids that are supported by people through Burkina Promise. Accedes (the organization that is taking care of me while I’m in country) put together a very nice get together to thank me for coming. They gave me wonderful gifts and then we got to enjoy a meal together. It was a great time. I was also given a time to give my thanks to them and then pray for them. On Saturday of this past week I got to have lunch at Biba’s house. She is kinda like my momma bird while I am here. If I have a problem, I call her. It was very nice to see her house and meet her family. Again, food and fellowship; who can say no to that! On that same day for dinner I went to the home of the President of Administration of Accedes. It was a very nice time being welcomed into his home and enjoying a meal with him. Then once we got back from that I took Kam (my translator), Felix (friend/ coworker), and Gaoussou (friend/ boss on the jobsite) all out for ice cream, but the little restaurant that we went to was out of ice cream so we had pastries instead. I told them this was just my little way of saying thanks for helping to make my time in Africa great. Also, I explained that this is what friends do in America, they go out to eat together. Felix was so happy, he said that this was the first time he went out to eat with friends. It was such a great time hanging out with them.

My last Sunday in Burkina was also a very fun and busy day. In the morning I went to church in the Agricultural School church. They took some time and prayed over me, my family, and my church family. Also, they thanked me for all I had done over the past two months. I had the opportunity to preach and I would say it went very well especially being my first time preaching with a translator. In the afternoon I took Kam, Felix and Gaussou to the cultural center for a Christian concert. None of them have been inside the building before. The building is so cool.   In all honesty I forgot that I was in Africa while I was in there. Also, Salifou (a very good friend/ Christian musician/ the guy who has been teaching me the djembe) was part of the concert. It was very long but a good concert.

One more week to go! Saying good-bye this week will not be easy, but I’m ready to be home and see what God has in store for me in the future.

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