What we do

Agriculture School

Mission: To do model agriculture that creates a self-financing center where we can mentor and coach
people from the region in farming techniques that are environmentally friendly and profitable.

Purpose: To create a growing ripple effect with our procedures that will enhance the vitality of communities through improving agricultural yields, significantly decreasing the blights of hunger and malnutrition in the region for the long term.

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Hope Villiage Projects

The Hope Village Projects are designed to take a village from barely being able to survive to a sustainable, thriving village.

The program will focus on addressing low agricultural production, education as well as health issues. 80% of Burkina’s population is involved in agricultural activities, food-producing farmers are unable to meet food demand for the entire country because many lack needed farming equipment. Thus, this program seeks to assist food producers with increasing the cultivability of farmland, maximizing agricultural food production, and reducing the amount of labor hours required for working mostly with hand tools. Recipients benefiting from the provision of farming equipment will receive extensive training on the use of such equipment, on modern agricultural techniques, and on managing problems related to climate change.

This program aims to help targeted communities and individuals with diversifying their income sources, so as to minimize the impact of natural disasters, climate change and a lack of market opportunities for agricultural produce affecting families. Additionally, the program aims to help install mills in rural areas/villages in an effort to decrease the hardship on women who now grind cereal grains by hand.

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Grain Grinder

The grain grinder is not only used to help produce a better flour from the corn it is also a great time saver. Women could spend upwards of 4 hours a day pounding the corn into flour. This machine cuts that process down to minutes. It is also a source of income for the ones that are running the grinder for the village.


We give village farms plows that they can hook up to cows or donkeys. Most farmers will work the ground with their hands. By giving them a plow they can increase their production which means there will be more food when the harvest comes. Which means more to go around.

Donkey Carts

We give out donkey carts for a couple of reasons. One being so that the farmers will have a tool to aid them in bringing in the harvest from the fields. Another reason is they will have their own transportation to take the extra harvest to the market to sell. They will also be able to use that cart to help others.


We give out ox, a.k.a. cows, so that the farmers have a animal to pull the plows. We also teach them animal husbandry so they can learn how to reproduce their livestock.