Our Mission

To break the cycle of poverty by feeding the hungry and helping those in trouble

Our Focus

We want to invest into ideas and projects that will bring food sustainability and not a quick fix that will only last a few weeks or months.

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Our History

Grain of Hope was started in a small room in the back of a church with 19 kids. No one knew that day what this would become and how crazy a ride it has been. Grain of Hope grew from 19 kids in March of 2009 to a nationwide non-profit. In 2012 Grain of Hope applied for and received its official 501(c)(3) non-profit status. In December of 2015 Grain of Hope took another huge step by hiring a full time executive director. Through it all, we have always believed that no matter how small you are, you can make a huge difference if you really go after it with all that you are. Will you join us and help us write the next chapter in our history, a history built on the little bit, big bit theory? The little bit, big bit theory says that if you take your little bit, and he takes his little bit and I take my little bit and put it all together we come up with a pretty big bit.

Our Team

Chris W. Coakley

Chris W. Coakley

Executive Director

Chris is one of the co-founders of Grain of Hope. Chris took on a full time role as the executive director of Grain of Hope in December of 2015 after spending 16 years in youth ministry.

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